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As an independent, non-government organisation, this incredible work is only made possible by the extraordinarily generous support of the South Australian community: our donors, our volunteers and our Ambassadors.

To them, we say thank you.


A cancer free future.


We are South Australia’s leading cancer charity, uniting the community, providing support, investing in research and saving lives.


To lead, empower and mobilise the community.

Guiding objectives

  1. Reduce cancer risk, increase cancer prevention.
    Outcome: save lives by reducing the number of new cases of cancer.
  2. Improve the rates of survival when cancer does occur.
    Outcome: a decline in death rates from cancer.
  3. Optimise cancer care.
    Outcome: people receive effective and best treatment and care.
  4. Improve the quality of life of people with cancer, cancer survivors and carers.
    Outcome: people receive effective support, which contributes to quality of life.
  5. Address inequalities in cancer risk and cancer outcomes between more and less advantaged sectors of the community, by addressing the causes.
    Outcome: reduced inequality in cancer incidence and outcomes of care in the community.
  6. Build for the future through investment in infrastructure and strong cancer research.
    Outcome: research outcomes are translated into effective cancer policy
  7. Provide sound information for cancer control
    Outcome: all stakeholders have access to accurate accessible cancer information.