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Local South Australian inspiration brand Intrinsic recently held a virtual Biggest Morning Tea to support South Australians impacted by cancer. Founder Adèle Basheer shares a bit about their event and why hosting was so important, especially in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Why did Intrinsic decide to host a virtual morning tea this year?
With 90 per cent of the Intrinsic team working from home and on reduced hours, it felt like a perfect opportunity to connect with each other for a positive purpose and to remind ourselves that there are still ways we can contribute and feel good about ourselves.

Is there anyone in particular that you are dedicating your morning tea to?
Almost everyone on our team has experienced the impact of cancer, whether it’s someone in our family, a close friend or one of our colleagues, we’ve all had someone in our circle who has been affected.

What did you do for your virtual morning tea? How did you encourage staff to get involved remotely?
It wasn’t hard at all to get our team involved, as they’re always up for a party! We’ve been having weekly Monday morning Zoom meetings, so we just combined a morning tea into that. It gave a different focus with something positive to contribute to, making it even more rewarding.

Some of us printed out the cute Biggest Morning Tea bunting from the website and hung it near our workspaces, which felt very festive and joyful. Others in the crew supported their local bakeries or businesses and bought morning tea treats… which they had no shame in showing off, leaving a lot of mouths drooling! Next time we’ll have to have a baking competition!

Was it easy to sign up register?
One of our team members signed us up and said it was a super easy process.

What is your message to other businesses who are thinking about getting involved and hosting their own event? 
I’d say don’t think about it, just do it!! Apart from the fact that it’s super easy, it’s actually extremely valuable in these uncertain times for your team to feel engaged with a meaningful purpose and to de-stress with a bit of fun in the process.

Hosting a virtual morning tea to support Cancer Council gives everyone a chance to be involved, to share and to connect with each other. To be honest, I think for all of us it felt like a breath of fresh air focusing on something other than Coronavirus.

You can join Intrinsic and host your own virtual Biggest Morning Tea this May or June and support South Australians impacted by cancer. 

To find our more or to register your business visit the website or get in touch on 1300 65 65 85.