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Chemotherapy is time consuming

When you have chemotherapy you may spend a lot of time waiting, usually in hospitals: waiting for the doctor, for blood tests, for test results, for your drugs to be prepared and for the drugs to be given. There are sometimes additional delays due to safety checks, emergencies and busyness of the treatment centre.

Reading a book or magazine, doing crosswords, listening to music or talking to a companion can help pass the time.

Take water and snacks in case there are long waiting times. Most hospitals also have a cafeteria so if you are there all day you can buy lunch.

Many treatment centres allow you to use a laptop, tablet or other electronic device, but there are sometimes restrictions on certain power points and the staff may request that you turn it off. Some people like to write or draw in a journal, meditate or practise relaxation techniques.

At first, you may be anxious seeing people who are sick because of cancer or their treatment. You may not identify with them, but many people find support from the other people who are receiving chemotherapy at the same time as them.