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Where and how often will I have treatment?

Most people have chemotherapy during day visits to a hospital or clinic. Sometimes an overnight hospital stay may be needed.

Some people can have chemotherapy at home if they use a portable pump or have oral chemotherapy.

How often and how long you have chemotherapy depends on the type of cancer you have and the drugs that are used. You may have treatment daily, weekly or monthly for several months to a year.

Chemotherapy is commonly given in courses (cycles), with rest periods in between. This allows normal cells to recover and your body to regain its strength. If your body needs more time to recover, your next cycle may be delayed.

Your doctor will discuss your treatment plan with you. Many people have chemotherapy over six to twelve months, but you may have it for a shorter or longer period.

Some people who have chemotherapy to control the cancer or to relieve symptoms (palliative treatment) may have regular treatment for many months or years.