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Which health professionals will I see?

Your GP will refer you to a specialist, who can advise you about your treatment options. Your GP may also play an important role in your ongoing care and help you manage any side effects you experience.

You will be cared for by a range of health professionals when you have chemotherapy. This multidisciplinary team will probably include:


Medical oncologist and haematologist – Specialists who can prescribe and coordinate the course of chemotherapy
Radiation oncologist – Specialist who prescribes and coordinates the course of radiotherapy, which is sometimes used with chemotherapy
Registrar – A qualified doctor undergoing additional training to be a specialist (for example as a medical oncologist or radiation oncologist)
Nurses – Specially trained in chemotherapy they give the course of treatment and support and assist you through all stages of your treatment
Cancer nurse coordinator/ clinical nurse consultant/ cancer care coordinator  – Coordinates your care and liaises on your behalf with different specialist care providers
Pharmacist – Dispenses medications and gives advice about drugs, dosage and side effects
Social worker, physiotherapist and occupational therapist –  Link you to support services and help you to resume your normal activities
Dietitian – Recommends an eating plan to follow while you are in treatment and recovery
Palliative care team – Helps you and your family with needs you have, including symptom management