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  • Be SunSmart

    Protecting yourself from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation will help reduce your risk of skin cancer.


  • What is skin cancer?

    What is skin cancer?

    What are the first signs of skin cancer and what causes it?

  • What causes skin cancer?

    What causes skin cancer?

    Most skin cancers are caused by overexposure to UV radiation, but what is UV?

  • How should I protect my skin?

    How should I protect my skin?

    Protect your skin in five ways-Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide.

  • When should I protect my skin?

    When should I protect my skin?

    Skin should be protected when the UV radiation level is 3 and above.

  • How much vitamin D do I need?

    How much vitamin D do I need?

    Sensible sun protection does not put people at risk of vitamin D deficiency,

  • Find skin cancer early?

    Find skin cancer early?

    Finding skin cancer early gives you the best chance of successful treatment.

  • 10 myths about sun protection

    10 myths about sun protection

    Find out what are the top 10 myths about sun protection.

  • SunSmart community events

    SunSmart community events

    Find out what makes a SunSmart event.

  • More SunSmart information

    More SunSmart information

    Find information and resources for early childhood centres, schools and workplaces.

  • Today at Cancer Council SA

  • Cancer Counselling Service

    Cancer Counselling Service

    Cancer Council SA offers free counselling sessions to anyone impacted by cancer.

  • Cut your cancer risk

    Cut your cancer risk

    4 ways to boost your fruit and vegetable intake.

  • Fundraising Events

    Fundraising Events

    We have a wide range of exciting events that give you the opportunity to support our vision of a cancer free future in a fun, easy yet symbolic way.

  • Gifts in Wills

    Gifts in Wills

    Including a bequest to Cancer Council SA in your Will is not an alternative to looking after your loved ones, it’s part of it. Find out more.

  • Share your story

    Share your story

    Raise awareness about important cancer issues while helping others cope with treatment and feel less alone. Read more about how to share your story.

  • Volunteer with us!

    Volunteer with us!

    Discover how your organisation and staff can get involved in bringing a cancer free future closer.