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  • SunSmart

    SunSmart home

    NEW SunSmart Hat-Wearing Toolkit

    No Hat, Play in the Shade resources.

    Use these resources to reach 100 per cent SunSmart hat wearing.

  • Early childhood centres

    Early childhood centres

    Does your early childhood centre display the SunSmart sign?

  • Primary schools and out of school hours care (OSHC)

    Primary schools and out of school hours care (OSHC)

    Does your primary school or OSHC display the SunSmart sign?

  • Secondary schools

    Secondary schools

    Does your secondary school have systems in place to reduce UV risk for staff and students?

  • Workplace


    Are you reducing the UV risk for your workplace and employees?

  • SunSmart app and resources

    SunSmart app and resources

    Learn more about the SunSmart and seeUV apps, and download resources.

  • SunSmart information

    SunSmart information

    Information on how and when you should protect your skin as well as other information on being SunSmart.