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    Policy resources for early childhood centres

    SunSmart early childhood policy guidelines

    This document provides early childhood centres with the background, information and tools they’ll need to develop and update their sun protection policy. It includes tips on implementing Cancer Council’s best-practice sun protection recommendations and steps out how centres can join the free National SunSmart Early Childhood Program.

    Sun protection policy review checklist

    This checklist highlights the key elements that need to be documented in your centre’s sun protection policy, in order for it to meet the minimum SunSmart standard. If you are struggling to meet the minimum SunSmart criteria, you can refer to the SunSmart early childhood policy guidelines document, or contact Cancer Council SA for support.

    SunSmart Program implemenation times

    This fact sheet provides information about Cancer Council’s recommendation for South Australian early childhood centres to implement sun protection during terms 1, 3 and 4 (or from 1 August through to 30 April).

    Sample sun protraction policy for early childhood centres

    This sample policy is suitable for early childhood centres in South Australia. Use this sample policy as a reference, copy and paste sections that are relevant to your centre, or simply use it as a template and adjust sections, as required. It is available as a downloadable Word document for your convenience.


  • FAQ: Sun protection policy and practice

    FAQ: Sun protection policy and practice

    This information has been developed to answer common questions from schools and early childhood education and care sites regarding sun protection policy and practice.

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