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    Cancer Council SA offers a range of support services that you can access if and when you need them. We can help by listening and talking about your cancer experience, or more practical things like accommodation, finance and legal support. 

    13 11 20 

    Know that you’re never alone. You can call 13 11 20 whenever you need information or support for anything to do with cancer. Here you can speak to an experienced nurse about how we can help, and all conversations are completely confidential. Call 13 11 20 or go online to ask a nurse a question or just to chat. 


    Quitline counsellors will listen to your story, help you to identify and manage your smoking cravings, and enable you to take charge of quitting. It’s also your link to local quitting support. 

    You can call Quitline over the phone, or connect using webchat, where you can speak to counsellors―and there are Aboriginal counsellors available. It’s private, and completely confidential. 

    Call Quitline 13 7848 (13 QUIT) or visit www.quitlinesa.org.au for help quitting. 

    World No Tobacco Day Be #TobaccoAware

    Sunday 31 May 2020 is World No Tobacco Day, raising awareness on the deadly (not deadly) effects of tobacco and second-hand smoke. This year’s theme is about protecting our young people from the secrets and tricks industries use to hook em’ and get our young people addicted to tobacco.

    Find out more here.

    Aboriginal Quitline and Covid-19

    How can we support you and your mob during the COVID-19 crisis? Find out more here.