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  • World No Tobacco Day Be #TobaccoAware

    Sunday 31 May 2020 is World No Tobacco Day, raising awareness on the deadly (not deadly) effects of tobacco and second-hand smoke. This year’s theme is about protecting our young people from the secrets and tricks industries use to hook em’ and get our young people addicted to tobacco. #tobaccoaware

    Smoking rates for our mob are declining but we still have a long way go

    The great news is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking rates have been slowly declining, which shows that more of our mob have decided to say no to tobacco smoking or have completed their own quit journey to live a smoke free lifestyle—so a big shout out to all you mob! Well done, stay deadly, stay smoke free and keep protecting our kids.

    Through the National Tackling Indigenous Smoking Program Cancer Council SA has been providing Quitskills since 2012. A nationally recognised smoking cessation training program, Quitskills has been delivered to over 2500 people who work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program communities from across the nation.   
    Cancer Council SA, together with the National Tackling Indigenous Program, play a key role in driving down smoking cessation rates, but we still have more work to do to create a smoke free generation.  
    Tobacco is the only legal drug that kills up to half of its users. The World Health Organisation estimates that worldwide, tobacco kills more than 8 million people every year, with 7 million of these deaths being from direct tobacco use.  Tragically, 1.2 million non-smokers also die as a result of being exposed to second-hand smoke. 

    We can all play a part in reducing the impact of second-hand smoke by encouraging family to quit smoking. If you are smoking, it’s important to smoke outside the home and not smoke in the car with other people #tobaccoaware.

    Be #TobaccoAware 

    Products such as e-cigarettes and roll your own tobacco cigarettes are targeted at young people, aiming to re-normalise smoking behaviours and undo the generations of good work we’ve done to reduce the smoking rate. Other tobacco tactics and tricks to be aware of:

    • Flavours appealing to children in smokeless tobacco, shisha and e-cigarettes.
    • Promotion of tobacco products and the distribution of free samples at popular events for young people.
    • Advertising and product placement on movies and tv-shows and through social media platforms with paid influencers.

    Find out more at the World No Tobacco Day website.

    Our Aboriginal Quitline Counsellors are here to help you quit

    Did you know we have a free webchat service?  Sometimes yarning up the smokes for our young people can be hard so why not try our webchat service.  Webchat is open to all and allows you to confidently yarn in real-time through texting with our Aboriginal Quitline Counsellors.  

    For phone service Call 13 7848.

    For webchat access visit www.quitlinesa.org.au.

    This World No Tobacco Day, we’re asking all young people to be #tobaccoaware and think about how their actions today might impact them in the future.  Remember smoking is Deadly not Deadly.


    Today at Cancer Council SA

  • Aboriginal Quitline

    Aboriginal Quitline

    The Aboriginal Quitline Team are available to help you give up the smokes for good. Yarn with an Aboriginal Quitline Counsellor today on 13 78 48. Call us to get in touch, or we can call you.

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    Cut Your Risk

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