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  • 25 years of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

    25 years of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea
    02 May 2018

    Every May for the past 24 years, Heather Langton and the students at the Heather Langton Academy of Beauty have been hosting an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event to support those impacted by cancer in South Australia. One of the only people across the country to have hosted every year since the event’s conception, Heather has some words of wisdom for others considering hosting this year.

    When I received my first Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea information pack, I didn’t know anyone who had been impacted by cancer. But as the years went on, the cause got closer and closer to home. That’s the thing about cancer—sooner or later, everyone has a story. The cause is a very personal one to me, as I’ve seen so many people I know touched by cancer in one way or another, which motivates me to keep fundraising year after year. Our top priority is to get rid of cancer all together, but to do that we all need to play our part.

    Since we started, we have raised more than $16,000 for Cancer Council SA, and I’m eager to see how much we can add to that figure this year. 

    I love the flexibility of hosting a morning tea—you can get as creative as you like. As a beauty training salon, we like to incorporate our business into the event, offering $25 manicures, pedicures and facials, with the money raised being donated to Cancer Council SA. On top of that, we also hold a fundraising raffle throughout the day to raise even more. Part of being a teacher or a trainer is about shaping your students to be the best they can be. Setting an example of giving back to the community is really important. I was always brought up to be very conscious of others and I really try to instil that same message into my students. There are a lot of people out there whose life isn’t as good as it should be, but we’re in a position to help. 

    I’m so proud of the students on the day. They start at 8.00am and go right through to 6.00pm. They never complain about being tired or needing a break, they just get on with it and give each client their full attention. It’s really special to watch and is part of the reason why we continue to host an event year after year.

    When I started hosting an event 25 years ago I didn’t think I’d still be doing it today. It’s up to all of us to make a difference, and that’s what like Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is all about. We all want to see a world without cancer, and if we all play our part one day that dream will become a reality.

    One Australian is diagnosed with cancer every five minutes, the length of an average tea break, but we can all have a cuppa for a cause this May and show our support to those who need it most. You can register, donate, or attend an existing event, either on the official day of 24 May, or throughout the month.


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