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  • Beat Cancer Project researcher recognised for Leukaemia breakthrough

    Beat Cancer Project researcher recognised for Leukaemia breakthrough
    12 October 2017

    (Photo credit: SAHMRI)

    Thanks to your ongoing generous support, Cancer Council SA can continue its funding of outstanding cancer researchers like Professor Tim Hughes.

    Last week, Professor Tim Hughes of the Cancer Council Beat Cancer Project was presented with the esteemed GSK Award for Research Excellence in recognition of his ground-breaking research in the chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) space.

    Specifically, Professor Hughes has pioneered a widely applicable tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) therapy which can be ‘customised’, simultaneously improving chances of remission and minimising drug resistance and disease progression across patients impacted by a range of cancers.

    Without the support of people like you, this breakthrough would not have been possible.

    We appreciate every dollar that we receive, and ensure that funds are allocated to worthwhile, impactful and wide-reaching research initiatives which will improve the futures of all South Australians. 

    In fact, for every $1 donated, $4 of research is undertaken. 

    The Cancer Council Beat Cancer Project sees Cancer Council SA donations dollar matched by Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, and The University of South Australia, and all funds directed towards The South Australian Health and Medical Institute (SAHMRI) and SA Health’s cancer research initiatives.

    Tim Hughes’s latest achievement is just one example of the difference that this additional funding can make to the 26 South Australians diagnosed with cancer every day.

    As the Cancer Council Beat Cancer Professor at The University of Adelaide and Theme Leader at SAHMRI, Tim is perfectly positioned to continue fostering promising cancer research groups in an environment inspiring innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

    Thanks to his achievements, we are beginning to refine our understanding of how and when to use targeted leukaemia therapies. This shift is translating to a significant increase in survival and remission rates in both chronic and myeloid leukaemia, and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

    With over 2,500 CML patients in Australia receiving TKI treatment—and a further 300 beginning their treatment each year—this advancement is a resoundingly positive step towards a cancer-free future.


    Lincoln Size
    Chief Executive
    Cancer Council SA

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