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    13 September 2015

    By now, I bet you’ve heard about Girls’ Night In. I bet you understand it’s a Cancer Council initiative that raises money for women’s cancers.

    I bet you want an excuse to get your girlfriends together and catch up. And I bet you’ve thought about organising a Girls’ Night In but haven’t found the time to do it.

    We get it and we’re here to help.

    We speak to busy women everyday and help them plan their Girls’ Night In events. Women who are full time Mums, women who run their own businesses, gosh - women who somehow manage to do both!

    The first hurdle we help you jump is finding or creating a suitable event.

    Newsflash: Your Girls’ Night In event doesn’t have to be a gala dinner for 500 (although it can be!)

    If you catch up with the girls once a week for coffee, organise a monthly dinner, or you’re part of a regular book club; you can turn your meetings in October and November into Girls’ Night In events.

    Once you’ve identified your event, register yourself as a host and we’ll send you your free Girls’ Night In host kit. It’s filled with everything you need to successfully host a brilliant event.

    The next step is to understand how you’re going to raise money for women’s cancers. Here are a few fun and easy ideas we’ve picked up from other hosts:

    Coffee morning

    • Women simply make a foldable donation ($5, $10, $20, $50 or $100) when they catch up.
    • Each guest bakes something sweet or savoury to bring along and sell to the other guests. All proceeds are placed in the collection box.


    Monthly dinner

    • Pick an action like putting elbows on the table, or finishing the vegetables on your plate and each person who completes an action puts a donation in the collection box.
    • Pick a word that wouldn’t usually come up in conversation – try something like ‘parrot’, ‘vroom’ or ‘photocopier’. Each time a guest successfully uses the word without it being immediately noticed by other guests, other guests put a donation in the Girls’ Night In collection box.

    Book club

    • Each time a character from the book being discussed is wrongly named, the person who incorrectly named the character puts a donation in the collection box.
    • Run a mini auction where the highest bidder gets to choose the next book to read. The amount bid is placed in the donation box.

    Running your event is the easy part and something you already do on a regular basis.

    If you’d like to bounce some ideas off us, have a chat about your event or you need support, contact us, send us a message on Facebook or Tweet us.


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