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  • Organising your Girls’ Night In event - a checklist

    01 October 2015

    So you’ve decided on an event, set the date and made sure your partner and kids are out of the house. Now what?

    Event planning needn’t be a daunting task that finds itself at the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. We find it much easier to break planning events into manageable tasks to put on your to-do list and then cross them off.

    Here’s one of the lists Jodie, a Girls’ Night In host is using to plan her event.

    1. Decide on your guest list and write it down.

    2. Write a short invitation including a brief description of your event, the date and time, location, dress code (if any), what to bring (if anything), and how to RSVP. We find simple email invitations are the easiest way to notify people and accept RSVPs. You could even create a Facebook event!

    3. Prepare a shopping list of food, drinks and decorations you’ll need. Start buying these in your weekly shop to spread the cost.

    4. On the date you indicated RSVPs are due, check to see who has and hasn’t RSVP’d and prompt the guests you haven’t heard from.

    5. A couple of days before your event, check your stockpile of food, drinks and decorations and make sure you’ve got everything.

    6. Set aside the time you think is required to setup your event and add a 30 minute buffer. If you don’t use it, take 30 minutes to sit down and relax!

    7. Welcome your guests, enjoy spending time with them and take pride in your outstanding event planning skills!

    If you’d like to have a chat about your event or you need support, contact us, send us a message on Facebook or Tweet us.


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