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    15 December 2016

    With one in two Australians diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85, it’s more important than ever to ensure that no one goes through cancer alone.

    Every year, we’re honoured to make this a reality for the 38,000 South Australians living with all types of cancer. We invest in ground-breaking cancer research, empower everyone to reduce their own risk with prevention education, and provide essential support to each person and their loved ones.

    Without your support, we simply couldn’t do this. So for one special day our staff downed tools to put together this message, just for you. 

    This is just a snapshot of the incredible difference that your support has made to South Australians affected by cancer in the past year. 

    Your generous support has ensured that Australia continues as a world-leader in the fight against cancer. 

    Cancer has taken too much from us all. But together we are moving closer to a world where cancer in no longer feared, but seen as a preventable, treatable and manageable disease.

    Thank you for helping to bring this dream to life for all of us. 


    Lincoln Size
    Chief Executive
    Cancer Council SA

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