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  • Thank you for helping us keep South Australia SunSmart

    Thank you for helping us keep South Australia SunSmart
    25 November 2015

    Lifting the shade on sun safety! 

    At Cancer Council SA we believe no one should suffer the distress of a skin cancer diagnosis. And it’s thanks to your generosity that we invest in protecting South Australians from the dangers of UV. 

    Protecting our children:

    It is thanks to you that we are able to educate children through our SunSmart Program for schools and early childhood centres. The SunSmart Program recognises best-practice sun protection strategies in schools and early childhood centres and is free to join, including all the support, posters, curriculum resources and the iconic SunSmart sign

    Ensure your child care centre and primary school has a SunSmart sign at the front. 


    Workplace education:

    Your generosity enables Cancer Council SA to provide sun safety education presentations to workplaces across the state. Last month was National Safe Work Month and we educated workplaces for free about the importance of a comprehensive skin protection program and spoke with workers about how to minimise the risk of developing skin cancer.

    Cancer Council’s latest research shows that some Australian workplaces are still neglecting their duty of care and failing to protect their employees from harmful UV.

    Sun protection for outdoor workers is important year-round because of the additional UV exposure they receive. Sun safety education presentations delivered by Cancer Council SA are available to workplaces throughout the year.

    Book your SunSmart education session for your workplace. 



    UV index at your finger tips

    We provide the popular SunSmart App which provides the daily  sun protection times for your location each day, making it easier than ever to be smart about your sun exposure throughout the year.

    Download the FREE SunSmart app. 






    Busting the myths: 

    Cancer Council provides evidence-based information from top experts to answer your skin care and UV questions. These include:

    1. It is possible to get sunburnt on windy, cloudy or cool days
    2. Do people need plenty of sun exposure to avoid vitamin D deficiency?




    Thank you for your support which allows us to implement these important programs and educate the local community. It is making a real difference as we fight to minimise the impact of skin cancer in the local community.

    Together we will beat cancer.

    Thank you,

    Lincoln Size
    Chief Executive
    Cancer Council SA

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