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  • World Cancer Day 2016

    World Cancer Day 2016
    04 February 2016

    Today on World Cancer Day, people all over the world will take a moment to lovingly honour those who have been touched by cancer and to celebrate survivors. Thanks to you, Cancer Council SA is making a difference every day to so many South Australians during their cancer journey. 

    When it is you, or someone you dearly love facing cancer, that difference can mean the world. 

    Around 30% of cancers diagnosed in our state could be prevented through lifestyle changes. Thousands more could be prevented, or detected when they are easier to treat, through increased participation in screening programs.

    Here are some ways to reduce your risk of cancer:

    Empowering South Australians to cut their cancer risk to avoid the distress of a cancer diagnosis or treatment is just one of the ways in which Cancer Council SA is helping beat cancer every day.  

    Cut your cancer risk

    Early detection saved Rod’s life

    Personal experience and the loss of a close friend has made Rod Webber painfully aware of the importance of participating in bowel cancer screening. After procrastinating over doing the at-home test, Rod finally completed it and followed up the ‘inconclusive’ results with his doctor. This was a life-saving decision, as despite having no obvious signs, Rod underwent surgery to remove a polyp. Tragically, his old school friend, Larry Collins, was not lucky enough to have had his bowel cancer diagnosed and treated before it spread and eventually took his life. For Rod, this is a stark reminder of the difference that an early diagnosis and treatment can make. He urges others to take, what can ultimately be, life-saving preventative steps too.

    Whilst not all cancers can be prevented, reducing your own risk of cancer is something we are all capable of doing. Thanks to vital research, we have made incredible advancements with early detection and treatment and more people are now surviving a cancer diagnosis.

    We are more confident than ever, that together we will beat cancer.


    Thank you

    Lincoln Size 
    Chief Executive 
    Cancer Council SA

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