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  • World Cancer Day 2017

    World Cancer Day 2017
    04 February 2017

    Today on World Cancer Day, people all over the world will be taking a moment to lovingly honour those who have been affected by cancer and to celebrate survivors. With your generous support, Cancer Council SA is proudly making an incredible difference every day to countless South Australians and their families by reducing the impact of cancer.

    Just one of the ways we do this is by empowering South Australians to reduce their own risk of cancer by educating them on what they can do themselves on a day-to-day basis.

    Around 30 per cent of cancers diagnosed in South Australia could be prevented with small changes. Thousands more could be prevented or detected when they’re easier to treat, through increased participation in screening programs.

    Just one inspiring South Australian who has taken this message on board, is Tristan Stopp. 

    This is his story…

    Experiencing the loss of his grandfather to prostate cancer, his father’s multiple cancer scares, and seeing friends endure the same thing motivated Tristan to take action in his own life.

    Despite the amputation of his leg at 10 months old, Tristan has never been held back from doing anything. In a bid to lose 30 kg by his 30th birthday, he borrowed a bike from a friend and suddenly found himself hooked on exercise.

    So much so, that over the past 12 months, he has ridden over 2,000 km on the bike and just weeks ago, rode 157.5 km in Cancer Council’s Ride for a reason team in the Bupa Challenge Tour.

    Tristan describes his biggest hurdle saying, “The only problem is I can’t wear cleats as I would fall off not being able to get my leg out quickly enough, and whilst it would be a funny sight it’s not something I’m keen on!”

    His admirable efforts to increase his physical activity are a powerful reminder that we each have the ability to make small changes to improve our health and minimise the impact of cancer on our own lives. And for Tristan to take it even that step further by fundraising, he’s ensuring that countless other South Australian families will not face cancer alone.

    So take that step today even if it’s a small one. You’re too important not to.

    Lincoln Size
    Chief Executive
    Cancer Council SA

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