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    Want to join the team and be part of South Australia’s leading cancer organisation?

    If you’re passionate about beating cancer and want to do something everyday to bring the defeat of cancer closer see the career opportunities we have available.

    Working at Cancer Council SA

    Every day our team comes together to deliver critical cancer research, prevention, support services and fundraising campaigns to the South Australian community. It is both a privilege and truly rewarding to be part of a dedicated team of highly skilled individuals who help bring the defeat of cancer closer.

    Our team of staff and volunteers work collaboratively to ensure we create a safe, professional, energetic and enjoyable environment in which to work.

    Cancer Council SA provides staff with opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills and is committed to work life balance and flexible work practices in order to achieve maximum satisfaction while at work.

    We are an equal opportunity employer and our charity status allows us to provide many real benefits to our employees.

    Our staff are employed under a variety of state and federal industrial legislation including Fair Work Act, Anti Discrimination Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act. At Cancer Council SA, we recognise and value diversity and are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and work ethically in accordance with our Code of Conduct.  We comply with the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workforce Agency (EOWA) requirements and engage culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to broaden our ability to impact within the community.

    We encourage staff and support opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills and are committed to work life balance and flexible work practices in order to achieve maximum satisfaction while at work. On site yoga classes, walking groups and cycling groups are held at lunch times and after work as well as a Corporate Well Being program to keep our team engaged, stimulated and progressing with their careers. Due to our charity status we are able to provide many real benefits to our staff including maximising the take-home pay through salary packaging.

    Safety in the workplace for our employees and volunteers is of paramount importance to Cancer Council SA. We have a comprehensive framework to ensure we provide a safe and comfortable working environment with a friendly and helpful work atmosphere. We recognise our employees and celebrate service milestones during staff gatherings both formally and informally and encourage participation with community groups and fundraising events after work.

    In a recent staff focus group, we asked employees how they feel about working for Cancer Council SA. Here are some testimonials:

    • “I feel a purpose in the work I do and I get to work in an area I am passionate about.”
    • “Love the people I work with, we are passionate people and enjoy good relationships”
    • “It is a positive environment and a wonderful place to work”.

    If you have applied for a job with Cancer Council SA via email or seek, you should expect an acknowledgement reply email from us. If you have not received the acknowledgment reply email from us within 24 hours, this means your application has not been received by our recruitment team. Should you wish to confirm your application status with us, please contact our People and Culture team on 08 8291 4111.

    Career opportunities


    Today at Cancer Council SA

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    Aboriginal Quitline

    The Aboriginal Quitline Team are available to help you give up the smokes for good. Yarn with an Aboriginal Quitline Counsellor today on 13 78 48. Call us to get in touch, or we can call you.

  • Cut Your Risk

    Cut Your Risk

    June is Bowel Cancer Month, a great time to make simple lifestyle changes that can help you reduce your bowel cancer risk and improve your general health and wellbeing.

  • Do you have a cancer question?

    Do you have a cancer question?

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  • Fundraising Events

    Fundraising Events

    We have a wide range of exciting events that give you the opportunity to support our vision of a cancer free future in a fun, easy yet symbolic way.

  • Support 13 11 20

    Support 13 11 20

    Hear from Sam about how 13 11 20 has supported her and her two young boys through a terminal cancer diagnosis.

  • Volunteer with us!

    Volunteer with us!

    Register today to help us support people affected by cancer. Together, we’re making the difference.