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    For over 90 years, thanks to generous donations from the community, Cancer Council SA has been providing funding for ground breaking research, delivering support to those in need and helping educate the broader community via cancer prevention programs.

    As an organisation, we’re committed to delivering a cancer free future and being there for all people with all forms of cancer. When you make a general donation to Cancer Council SA, we direct it to the area of greatest need and the support provided helps many thousands of people each year.


    Choose where your money goes

    We understand that for some, there is a desire to donate to the work being done with particular cancer types, and this is where our cancer specific funds are an option for donors.

    To learn more about our specific funds and donate to them, please click through below.



    How your donation makes a difference

    With your generous support, Cancer Council SA will continue investing in:

    • life-saving cancer research to find better ways to detect and treat cancer 
    • prevention education to empower people to reduce their cancer risk
    • essential support including Cancer Council 13 11 20, to ease some of the emotional and practical burden

    Together, we can ensure that the future looks brighter for all of us.


    Cancer Council SA in a year

    Over the past year, we’ve been able to make an incredible difference, thanks to people like you.

    Every day we are working towards a cancer free future

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