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    Ryan was told that he had Stage 4 lung cancer, just a few days after learning his wife, Helen, was pregnant with their first child. 

    He was just 32 years old.  

    Please donate today to fund research into new cancer treatments that will give Ryan more time with his family.

    Ryan’s only symptom was shortness of breath, which at first he thought might be asthma or allergies. 

    Who would have thought that this fit, young, expectant father—who had never smoked a cigarette—would have an inoperable, 3.5 inch tumour in his lung?

    Ryan’s cancer was so advanced that surgery wasn’t possible, and chemotherapy would have meant missing out on being there for the first milestones in his son’s life. 

    There was a third option—a clinical trial exploring a new cancer treatment, which was recruiting advanced-stage patients like Ryan. 

    It promised a better outcome, with fewer side effects. 

    Only a few days into the trial, and the cancer began to shrink. Five months later, it had reduced by almost 90 per cent. 

    This research was only possible thanks to the generous donations and support from the South Australian community. 

    Your donation could help give someone else more precious time. 

    “Time is such a precious thing when you hear the words “you have cancer”. Every minute, every hour, and every day I have will mean that the research is moving one step closer to finding the next ground-breaking treatment.” 

    —Ryan Hodges

    Please Donate today to fund the trials that are right now uncovering new and better ways to treat cancer for advanced-stage patients.

    Or, read more about the many ways Cancer Council SA supports South Australian families. If cancer has affected you or someone you love, please know that our compassionate nurses on Cancer Council 13 11 20 can provide confidential information and support to help you at this difficult time.


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    Do you have a cancer question?

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    Donate in lieu of flowers

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    Healthy Living after Cancer

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    More than a gift, it's hope for the future

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    Quitline is a government-funded service operated by Cancer Council SA, with the sole goal of providing the support, strategies and information to empower individuals to quit smoking.