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    Will you be there for people like Ryan?

    Your generosity will give families the ongoing support that they need throughout their cancer journey, and fund the research that is right now getting closer to the next breakthrough. 

    Ryan was a 32-year old expectant father when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. But thanks to the generosity of the South Australian community, he’s been given the time to experience his son Ollie’s first milestones. 

    You too can give someone this precious gift of time, by funding Cancer Council SA’s vital support, prevention and research programs.

    Every minute, our website is available to offer information and support to any one of the 1.1 million Australians who have been diagnosed with cancer or are living with cancer.


    Every hour, over 500 Cancer Council funded researchers are striving to discover new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.


    Every day, we educate and empower the community to reduce their risk of preventable cancers. 

    How can you donate?

    You can choose to make a one-off donation, or you can become one of our valued regular givers by selecting 'Monthly' under the 'My donation' section. 

    Cancer never stops. Every day in South Australia, 26 people have to come home to tell their families that they have cancer. But every month, you can choose to do something about it. You can grant them more time, by choosing to make a generous regular donation. 

    By becoming a regular giver, you’re committing to donating a monthly set amount, sent directly from your bank account to Cancer Council SA. Most of our donors have said that after a month or two, they don’t even notice that the money is gone, but are able to feel good every day knowing that they are giving back to help the local community. 


    Today at Cancer Council SA

  • Do you have a cancer question?

    Do you have a cancer question?

    Cancer causes questions. Call us for the answers.

  • Donate in lieu of flowers

    Donate in lieu of flowers

    Remembering loved ones by ensuring no one goes through cancer alone.

  • Fundraising events

    Fundraising events

    We have a wide range of exciting events that give you the opportunity to support our vision of a cancer free future in a fun, easy yet symbolic way.

  • Healthy Living after Cancer

    Healthy Living after Cancer

    Getting back to a healthy lifestyle after cancer is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Find out about our Healthy Living after Cancer program.

  • Heard something about cancer and not sure if it's true?

    Heard something about cancer and not sure if it's true?

    Get all the evidence based answers to your cancer questions here.

  • Join the conversation

    Join the conversation

    Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest community events and news.

  • More than a gift, it's hope for the future

    More than a gift, it's hope for the future

    Including a bequest to Cancer Council SA in your will is not an alternative to looking after your loved ones, it’s part of it. Find out more.

  • Quitline


    Quitline is a government-funded service operated by Cancer Council SA, with the sole goal of providing the support, strategies and information to empower individuals to quit smoking.