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    Sophie lost her mother, husband, and younger brother to cancer. And in August last year, melanoma took her only son, Sam.

    Sophie, and her six-year-old grandson, Cole, are the ones left behind. 

    Please donate today to fund Cancer Council SA’s prevention programs so that fewer families like Sophie’s will have to go through the heartbreak of cancer.

    “After putting it off for months, Sam finally saw a doctor in 2009 about a mole on his scalp. We were told it was melanoma, but thought, ‘They can just cut it out’. We thought that would be the end of it. 

    And for five years, it was. Sam married his beautiful wife, Emma, and Cole was born. I was a proud mother and grandma, or ‘Gaga’, as Cole called me. 

    It was later in 2014 that we were suddenly thrown back into the world of hospitals, scans and treatments, when Sam’s stomach suddenly swelled and went rock hard. The cancer had returned, and was rapidly multiplying. It quickly took over his body. Three years after the cancer had returned, Sam was gone. He was the third generation that I had lost to cancer.”

    What would you do if it was your loved one diagnosed?

    What if it was your son who sat you down, and told you that they wouldn’t be here in a year’s time? What if it all happened so quickly, that you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye?
    For too many South Australians, this will be a reality. 

    “I urge you to do something, now, before it is you who is in this position. Please take my story as your wake up call. We know that one in three cancers can be prevented. But we need to help as many people as possible understand how. That’s what Cancer Council SA’s prevention programs do. That’s how they save lives.”

    —Sophie Hughes

    Please donate today to fund the programs that will deliver life-saving information about preventing, screening and finding cancer early to as many South Australians as possible.  

    Or, learn more about Cancer Council SA’s prevention programs

    If cancer has affected you or someone you love, please know that our compassionate nurses on Cancer Council 13 11 20 can provide confidential information and support to help you at this difficult time.

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