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    Where your money goes?

    Thanks the generosity of the South Australian community, every minute, every hour, every day, Cancer Council SA is able to work towards a cancer free future. Here in SA, we support families affected by cancer when they need it most, speak out on behalf of the community on cancer issues, empower people to reduce their cancer risk, and find new ways to better detect and treat cancer. Every day, with your help, we’re getting closer to making a cancer free future a reality. 

    Click here to see where your money goes. 

    Cancer Council SA’s progress towards a cancer free future is made possible by the extraordinary generosity of South Australians.  At Cancer Council SA, we are committed to being open and transparent in our activities and our use of the community’s funds. Our donors have a right to know how their generosity is making a difference for South Australians impacted by cancer.

    How we spend your dollar

    Challenging economic conditions continue to impact on community donations. Cancer Council SA’s gross fundraising and bequest income was $9.3 million in 2016–2017, a decline of 2.4 per cent on the previous year, although bequest income alone rose by 4.5 per cent. This year also saw a 10.5 per cent growth in administered program funding, and an 8 per cent decline in Cancer Council Lodge guest income, although it remains above our five-year average of $2.32 million. 

    For every dollar invested in fundraising, we raised $2.07 towards a cancer free future.

    We are continuously improving our current fundraising campaigns, as well as diversifying our revenue through focusing on other forms of giving, including regular giving programs and bequests.  

    Total expenses for 2016–2017 totalled $17.2 million, with 43 per cent directed towards cancer control, 26 per cent to community funding, 20 per cent to research, and 11 per cent to communication and support services. 

    Fundraising income was $9.3 million in 2016–17, a decline which illustrates the need to diversify revenue sources. The new Strategic Plan will focus on these, while in the meantime, our investment portfolio allows us to cover fluctuations. 

    Definition of community funding/fundraising costs

    Cancer Council SA defines the costs of fundraising as inclusive of the following: all staff costs (including superannuation, WorkCover, etc.), administration costs, management oversight, materials, photocopying, printing, banking fees and charges, third party fees and charges, advertising and promotion costs (excluding costs associated with communicating with and responding to media), postage and packaging, legal expenses related to fundraising activities, travel costs (local and interstate), staff training and development, workshop and events, warehousing and delivery costs—essentially any cost that Cancer Council SA can accurately attribute to the costs of running fundraising activities.

    Cancer Council SA also accounts for allocated overheads as shared services through our fundraising projects to give the most comprehensive view of the costs associated with fundraising campaigns.

    Bear in mind that most of our fundraising activities have health promotion benefits and align closely with our organisational activities focused on supporting people with cancer and aiding in cancer prevention. 

    Click here to see how we’re making a difference today.

    Click here to see some of the testimonials from the people we’ve been able to help through your support.

    Value in kind contributions to the cancer cause

    Cancer Council SA receives significant support from all corners of our community. Increasingly companies, individuals and organisations are generously donating goods and services. With a vast range of programs across the community, it is not cost effective for us to capture and record the value of all in-kind donations. From bread, eggs and pancake mix donated by Foodland stores, $20,000 worth of painting by the Dulux Accredited painting team, to over $300,000 worth of support from People’s Choice in our People’s Choice Undies Run for Bowel Cancer, there’s no doubt we are blessed with generous friends. Our friends know that every dollar saved is a dollar we can put it toward achieving our vision of a cancer free future. Thank you to everyone who provides valuable in-kind support. 


    Today at Cancer Council SA

  • Become an Ambassador

    Become an Ambassador

    Join our growing network of Ambassadors who represent us in the community: sharing awareness and prevention messages, connecting people with support services and speaking up on our behalf.

  • Do you have a cancer question?

    Do you have a cancer question?

    Ask our trained cancer nurses for the answers.

  • Donate in lieu of flowers

    Donate in lieu of flowers

    Remembering loved ones by ensuring no one goes through cancer alone.

  • Finding My Way

    Finding My Way

    Finding My Way is an evidence-based online program that provides cancer-related information and coping skills via the internet. Designed for people recently diagnosed with cancer, Finding My Way has been evaluated through several trials and shown to improve well-being and quality of life

  • Healthy Living after Cancer

    Healthy Living after Cancer

    Getting back to a healthy lifestyle after cancer is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Find out about our Healthy Living after Cancer program.

  • Heard something about cancer and not sure if it's true?

    Heard something about cancer and not sure if it's true?

    Get all the evidence based answers to your cancer questions here.

  • Hold your own fundraiser

    Hold your own fundraiser

    Do you have an idea that is out of the box? Do you think it rocks? You can turn virtually anything into a fundraiser… let us help you turn your idea into reality!

  • Join the conversation

    Join the conversation

    Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest community events and news.

  • More than a gift, it's hope for the future

    More than a gift, it's hope for the future

    Including a bequest to Cancer Council SA in your will is not an alternative to looking after your loved ones, it’s part of it. Find out more.

  • Quitline


    Quitline is a government-funded service operated by Cancer Council SA, with the sole goal of providing the support, strategies and information to empower individuals to quit smoking.

  • Share your story

    Share your story

    Raise awareness about important cancer issues and help others cope with treatment and feel less alone. Read more about how to share your story.