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    Why Relay?

    Relay For Life is a community fundraising challenge for Cancer Council SA. Teams of friends, families, schools and colleagues raise money in the lead up to an overnight event, where team members take turns walking around a track to signify that cancer never rests, so neither do we. 

    Organised by passionate, local volunteers, each Relay event is an experience that will stay with you forever. We host activities designed to celebrate Survivors and recognise their Carers. We honour those we’ve lost during our candlelight ceremony, and we continue to raise funds to support people affected by cancer, fund research and improve cancer prevention.

    Almost 80,000 people, all across Australia, joined last year’s movement, with millions more around the world.

    You can join the movement too. Here's what you can expect at your local Relay...

    1.    Pre-Relay

    Teams of friends, families, schools and colleagues fundraise in the lead up to the event. There's trivia nights, head shaves, morning teas and more





    2.    Opening Ceremony

    All Relay participants are welcomed at the official opening ceremony. You will hear from your Relay Committee, inspirational speakers, and learn more about how the money raised at Relay helps people affected by cancer.




    3.    Lap of Honour

    Survivors of cancer and their Carers are the heart of every Relay. That's why each Relay begins with these Guests of Honour walking the first lap together, while all other Relays cheer them on!




    4.    Everyone Relays

    With motivation levels high, all participants take to the track following the Lap of Honour. Team members ensure at least one person from their team is on the track for the remainder of the event, passing the baton and signifying that cancer never rests so neither will we.




    5.    Survivor and Carer Activities

    You'll find activities throughout the day held for our Guests of Honour - Survivors and Carers. Following the Lap of Honour, you'll enjoy entertainment, a morning tea and more. This is a chance to connect, share stories and find support in your community.




    6.    Entertainment

    When not on the track, enjoy live entertainment on the main stage, team challenges and lots of activities for the kids. You can also wander trackside and check out other team campsites or take part in games and fundraisers.




    7.    Candlelight Ceremony

    At dusk, we remember those in the community we've lost to cancer by writing a message for them on an illuminated candle bag. This is a time to reflect, lean on one another and remind ourselves of why we Relay.





    8.    Relay After Dark

    Cancer never rests, so neither do we. To keep energy levels high throughout the night, you'll find a range of after dark activities - glow sticks, onesie runs, midnight trivia and more! Check out the event program on your local Relay's event page for details.




    9.    Final Lap

    Survivors, Carers and all participants take to the track for the final lap. With Survivors and Carers walking one direction with all other participants walking the other, we high five each other in passing in celebration!





    10.  Closing Ceremony

    As the Relay comes to a close, we celebrate the incredible achievement of the community, including all the money they have raised to fight back against cancer.





    Discover more about Relay For Life


    Are you ready to join the movement?


    Adelaide Central celebrating 20 years



    Today at Cancer Council SA

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