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    Cancer does not discriminate and tragically, touches the lives of too many.

    Here are some of the stories amongst thousands of South Australians who have chosen to leave a gift in their Will. By doing so, they have chosen to leave an unforgettable legacy. 

    Bev’s story

    “Everybody knows someone who has had cancer. I lost my sister, my aunty, my grandmother, my cousin and two friends to it. It’s an awful disease, and I feel we should all do what we can to help Cancer Council SA fight it.

    That’s why I added a gift to Cancer Council SA in my Will in 2002, and renewed my Will last year to add more. It brings me comfort to know that I’m doing my bit, and that someone else may not have to go through what my loved ones and my friends went through.

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your bequest is, it could save someone’s life. Maybe somebody you love.”

    Jen’s story 

     “Mum’s cancer journey changed all of us forever. I was 19 when she passed away. Now, more than 20 years later, there have been so many advances in the cancer landscapenot only in research, but also in support for patients and carers. But more improvements are still needed.

    After meeting some of the many dedicated people connected with Cancer Council SA who have made a bequest, I decided I too wanted to invest in future funding for a cancer free future.


    Because of cancer, my children never met my mother. That’s not what I want for future generations of my family. So I’m leaving a bequest to Cancer Council SA in my Will to help work towards a cancer free future.”

    Tony’s story

    “When I was diagnosed with cancer, my world turned upside down. Because I knew that, if I didn’t have treatment, I was going to die. It’s very confronting.

    The support I received from Cancer Council SA during that time was so good that I thought, as soon as I get through treatment, I will redo my Will.


    So including Cancer Council SA in my Will was a priority for me. I feel happy that I’m helping to ensure people who are diagnosed with cancer in the future have access to the same wonderful range of services that I had access to.”



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