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  • The A-Z of fundraising ideas!

    The A-Z of fundraising ideas!

    Arts or crafts stall–let you imagination go wild—try making greeting cards, scarves or jewellery to sell

    Auction–get goods donated and hold an auction

    Band night–get a local band to play and charge people an entry fee

    Bingo night–an oldie but a goodie

    Book sale–collect old books from everyone you know and sell them

    Car wash–get your friends together and have a fun day washing cars

    Casino night–card or games night

    Casual day–ask people at your work or school to pay to dress casual for a day

    Caption competition–choose a funny photo and get people to pay an entry fee submit a caption

    Coin trail–get a school or club to see what distance they can cover with $1 coins

    Cold turkey–be sponsored to 'give up' something e.g. talking, driving, Facebook, television

    Collection boxes–great for the workplace, receptions or workshops

    Competitions–be creative with fun competitions in the home, office or workshop e.g. who can throw a gold coin closest to the prize

    Crafts–if you have a talent, make something and sell it to others e.g. hand bags, necklaces, etc

    Dinner party–ask your friends/family to come around for dinner and charge $20 p/head

    Dollar for dollar–ask your boss to match what you raise

    Exhibitions–display your art, crafts and interests and charge an admission fee

    Fancy dress–get everyone to dress up in fancy dress, award prizes and collect donations

    Fun run–join in a fun run and ask your friends to sponsor you

    Games afternoon–get your friends together for an afternoon of board games, egg and spoon races, or wheelbarrow races... use your imagination

    Garage sales–use your garage, shed or car boot to display your wares

    Guessing game–guess the weight of a new born baby, 'How many grapes in a jar?'

    Head shave–get sponsored to shave or colour your hair

    Hire services–hire out what you do best: mow lawns, handy man, massage or even accounts

    In lieu–in place of a gift for any special occasion ask friends and family to donate

    Jigsaw marathon–get some willing people around and ask them to donate a small amount to be part of the jigsaw marathon. Each person has a jigsaw and is timed to see how long it takes to complete. After the first has been completed, it is a race to the finish. The winner is the quickest to complete all of the jigsaws

    Juice stand–make some fresh, natural juices and sell for a gold coin donation at work

    Karaoke night–hold a night where people can sing along to all their favourite songs

    Lawn mowing–use your lawn mowing skills and let your friends and family know. Charge a fee for your services and make sure you explain where the money raised will be donated to inspire people to support you

    Limbo competition–charge an entry fee and then see how low everyone can go!

    Luncheon–invite everyone in your workplace, school or friends and family to a grand lunch. Make healthy sandwiches and nibbles

    Melbourne Cup day–hold a lunch, charge per head and give prizes for best hat or best dressed

    Movie night–ask for a donation and get friends together to watch a classic

    Name the baby competition–who's that baby, get old baby photos of your mates or—much better—your bosses or teachers. Stick them up around your school or office and get people to pay to guess who they are

    Office collection–stick a pot on your desk with notices telling people what you're raising money for and remind your colleagues that it's for a good cause

    Open garden–green thumbs can invite people to visit their garden and charge an admission fee, maybe sell some plants as well

    Plant sale–requires forward planning—buy a packet of seeds, vegetables or pretty flowers and plant them. When theyíre looking impressive, set up a stall and sell the plants

    Play DJ–throw a party and get people to pay for the priviledge of playing music from their iPod

    Photo competition–get kids and adults to showcase their photography skills

    Quest–get your friends together and ask people to prepare and perform a talent

    Raffle–ask local businesses to donate prizes and run your own

    Retail therapy–ask people to sacrifice three items from their weekly shop and donate the funds instead

    Slave for a day–sell a high profile person–give them tasks for a day e.g. at the local cafe, answering telephones, coffee runs

    Sports days–golf tournament, tennis round robin, bowls day, darts night

    Spelling bee–grab a dictionary and hold challenges in your office, club or home

    Speed dating–play cupid while organising a matchmaking event

    Swear jar–stick a swear jar in your office, club rooms or home for any 'slips of the tongue'

    Talent quest–get your friends together and ask people to prepare and perform a talent

    Tea-party–tea is the new fashionable drink of choice, or so they say. Charge your friends to attend, and go all-out with the finger sandwiches and healthy snacks. Very civilised

    Trivia night–a great social gathering with facts and figures

    Treasure hunt–place prizes around your home or park and charge an admission to play

    Trek–strap on your shoes and get walking with your friends

    Tug-of-war–teams pay to enter, with the hope of winning prizes. Teachers vs. students, boys vs. girls, or one town vs. another could be fun

    Twister-a-thon–get sponsored to play an all-day game of Twister with your mates. People will donate more if youíre doing it in a public place—your embarrassment is always worth a donation

    University Challenge–get together with your old uni friends—and have a challenge!

    Valentine’s Day Event–soft music, mirror-balls, largely heart-based decor... you get the idea. Sell tickets to the love-sick and desperate. Alternatively, hold an anti-Valentine party

    Waxing boys–get your sports team involved and get sponsored to wax your legs or chest

    Wheel barrow races–see Games afternoon

    Xmas party–get out the mistletoe for a big Christmas party, or sell home-made gifts at a Christmas fair

    Yo Yo competition–get people to pay to enter; hand out small prizes for duration and tricks

    Yoga marathon–get sponsored to do yoga for a day. Youíll be so bendy by the end of it that you can charge people to watch you tie yourself in knots. Bonus!

    Zany dress day–charge a fee for friends or work colleagues to wear crazy clothes or hats for the day. Why not encourage everyone to come dressed as celebrities, animals, in their team colours or in all the colours of a rubix cube?


    For more ideas or tips on planning your fundraiser, please call us on 1300 65 65 85. 

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