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By helping to fund better treatment options, you can give people hope that they can survive cancer.

“I knew nothing about cancer, chemotherapy or any treatments. All I knew for certain was that I was willing to do whatever it took because I didn’t want my children to lose a parent.” – Jessica

No parent should have to hear the words “you have cancer”.

But sadly, that was the reality for young mum of two, Jess, who was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative breast cancer when her baby was just 10 months old.

Jess’ unexpected yet devastating diagnosis came after she noticed pain and a lump in her breast while breastfeeding her newborn son. After multiple doctor’s appointments, tests and specialist visits, it was finally confirmed that she had cancer. Thankfully, because of new practices and advances in cancer research, Jess was able to undergo multiple rounds of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy as well as 30 sessions of radiation to be free of her cancer.

But, for the 28 South Australians diagnosed with cancer every day, that isn’t always the outcome.

Over the years, research has come so far. Cancers, including breast cancer, haven’t always been treatable. Women, men, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons… not everyone has been lucky enough to have access to new and better treatments that have contributed to the significant increase in survival rates we see today.

With your support, Cancer Council SA is funding the best people and the best ideas in cancer research to unlock answers, quicker.

Cancer Council SA funded research projects cover a broad spectrum of cancer-related topics, from basic science and biomedical research, through to clinical, population health and health services research.

And each discovery you help fund brings forward the day we stop cancer.

Jess - Breast cancer treatment