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    Australia is one of the world leaders in cancer screening, with our national cervical, bowel and breast cancer screening programs saving thousands of lives each year. 

    Finding cancer early through screening dramatically increases your chance of survival. For example, 90 per cent of bowel cancers are curable if caught early. 

    But in order for screening to work, people need to take control of their health and regularly have conversations with their GP about what screening tests are available to them.  

    For the first time, Cancer Council SA is joining forces with Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN to launch a brand new cancer screening campaign, which encourages South Australians to get screened and get on with living instead of worrying about the unknown. 


    Join Trevor and Sue and visit your GP today to ask about which cancer screening tests you are eligible for. It could save your life. 

    How can you get involved?

    Workplaces, community groups and GP practices are welcome to support the Get Screened and Get on With Living campaign by sharing information with their staff, patients and community. See below for free social tools, resources and further information.

  • Breast cancer screening

    Breast cancer screening

    Women aged 50–74 should have a screening mammogram every two years—and it’s free through BreastScreen SA. Learn more.

  • Cervical cancer screening

    Cervical cancer screening

    Women aged 25–74 should have a regular Cervical Screening Test. Learn more.

  • Bowel cancer screening

    Bowel cancer screening

    Everyone aged 50 or over should take a bowel cancer screening test every two years—and you may be eligible to receive a free kit in the mail. Learn more.

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    Keep in touch with what is happening with the Get Screened and Get on With Living campaign.


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