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    You can download the following files, order copies online using the resource order form or by calling 13 11 20 to request them.


    Follow the category links below to download or listen to the resources  

    Optimal cancer care pathways Outlines the best cancer care for specific cancer types

    Understanding cancer    Information for specific cancer types  

    Coping with cancer    Information and ideas for coping with emotions and living with cancer

    Treatment    Information to asssist with understanding different treatments 

    Legal and financial assistance   Compensation, employment, debts, law and more

    Cancer and work Employment 

    Practical and support information  Support groups, prosthesis, exercise, nutrition and more

    Prevention and healthy lifestyles   What you can do to help prevent cancer

    Sunsmart and skin related resources    Information and resources for staying SunSmart and preventing skin cancers

    Optimal care pathways

    Optimal cancer care pathways for health professionals

    Optimal cancer care pathways for consumers

    Understanding cancer

    Understanding acute leukaemia

    Understanding anal cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding bladder cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding bowel cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding brain tumours ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding breast cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding cancer in the liver ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding cancer of unknown primary ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding cancer of the uterus ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding cervical cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding head and neck cancers ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding kidney cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding lung cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding melanoma ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding mesothelioma

    Understanding ovarian cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding pancreatic cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding primary bone cancer - fact sheet ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding prostate cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding secondary bone cancer

    Understanding skin cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding stomach and oesophageal cancersReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding testicular cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding thyroid cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding vulvar and vaginal cancers ReadSpeaker Listen

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    Coping with cancer

    Caring for someone with cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Emotions and cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Exercise for people living with cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Living well after cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Living with advanced cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Mouth health and cancer treatment ReadSpeaker Listen

    Overcoming cancer pain ReadSpeaker Listen

    Sexuality, intimacy and cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Talking to kids about cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding complementary therapies ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding grief ReadSpeaker Listen

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    Understanding chemotherapy ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding immunotherapy

    Understanding palliative care ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding radiation therapy ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding surgery ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding targeted therapy

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    Legal and financial assistance

    Compensation for work-related cancers ReadSpeaker Listen

    Dealing with debts ReadSpeaker Listen

    Employment and cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Family law ReadSpeaker Listen

    New insurance policies ReadSpeaker Listen

    Superannuation and cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    What happens to debts after death ReadSpeaker Listen

    Your role as executor ReadSpeaker Listen

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    Cancer and work

    Cancer: an overview ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer in the workplace: other support ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer myths and facts ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer, work and you ReadSpeaker Listen

    Creating cancer-friendly workplaces ReadSpeaker Listen

    Death and bereavement ReadSpeaker Listen

    Managing the effects of treatment ReadSpeaker Listen

    Supporting a colleague with cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Supporting working carers ReadSpeaker Listen

    Talking to your employee about cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

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    Practical and support information

    Apex Copper Coast Retreats

    Arm and shoulder exercises after surgery for breast cancer

    Breast prostheses and reconstruction ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer and your finances ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer care and your rights ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer in the school community ReadSpeaker Listen 

    Cancer support groups - A guide to setting up and maintaining a group ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer? We can help ReadSpeaker Listen

    Facing end of life ReadSpeaker Listen

    Fatigue and cancer

    Fertility and cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Hair loss ReadSpeaker Listen

    Healthy living after cancer flyer

    Healthy living after cancer poster

    Making decisions when you're diagnosed with cancer

    Nutrition and cancer ReadSpeaker Listen

    Supportive accommodation

    Understanding clinical trials and research ReadSpeaker Listen

    Understanding lymphoedema

    Understanding changes in thinking and memory

    Understanding peripheral neuropathy and cancer

    Understanding taste and smell changes ReadSpeaker Listen

    When cancer has been diagnosed in a relative, friend or work colleague

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    Cancer prevention/healthy lifestyle

    A brief look at men's cancers ReadSpeaker Listen

    Bowel cancer screening (brochure) ReadSpeaker Listen

    Bowel cancer screening (poster) ReadSpeaker Listen

    Bowel screening kit reminder card

    Breast awareness for all women ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cancer screening ReadSpeaker Listen

    Cut your cancer risk ReadSpeaker Listen

    Healthy shopper guide

    How to portion your plate - A guide for lunch and dinner

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    SunSmart and skin related resources

    All SunSmart and skin related resources

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