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  • Key highlights

    • We celebrated 20 years of the SunSmart Schools and Early Childhood Program in South Australia. 

      The program now protects over 105,000 children and staff from overexposure to UV radiation.  

    • The Community Education team attended 29 community events and delivered 105 education presentations. 

      Through their efforts we reached over 5,000 South Australians with important messages on reducing the risk of cancer.

    • This year we delivered 40 Quitskills courses with 313 participants across Australia.

      Our ATSI Quitline received 189 referrals and, with 10 Yarning Circles held and 12 Ambassadors were trained to support the Aboriginal Cancer Screening Project.


    • We received 4,300 calls through Quitline 13 7848  

      Providing vital smoking cessation support to South Australians trying to quit.