13 11 20

Information and support

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  • Key highlights

    • 4,961 people were provided with information and support through Cancer Council 13 11 20.

      Providing information, support and advice to individuals and their families across every stage of the cancer journey.   

    • 848 sessions of counselling provided to individuals to support them through their cancer experience. 

      Helping those impacted with cancer to navigate the challenges and emotions that a diagnosis can bring.

    • 374 grants were provided to help ease the financial strain of a cancer diagnosis.

      Helping South Australians to cover medical bills, travel costs and having to take time off work due to a diagnosis. 

    • 1,737 occasions of support provided to lodge guests during their stay.

      This year, we provided 910 hours of home help / cleaning, 188 hours of gardening and 45 hours of childcare.