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  • Cancer - What now?

    Cancer Council SA in collaboration with Graeme Goodings, (well known Adelaide identity and cancer survivor) has produced Cancer – What Now? A DVD that aims to provide information about the common issues people face following a cancer diagnosis.

    The DVD contains ten chapters (below), covering topics such as; dealing with a diagnosis, treatment options, complementary therapies, and issues relating to survivorship. Each chapter is designed to give people affected by cancer enough information to assist them to make informed choices about their individual circumstances.

    The information in the DVD is presented by leading South Australian health professionals, including medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, social workers, exercise physiologists, dietitians, psychologists and others. Viewers will also hear from staff at Cancer Council SA about the many support services on offer. Cancer survivors will also share their experiences and personal learnings within each chapter.


    Chapter one - You have been diagnosed with cancer, what now?

    Chapter two - How do you tell the people most important to you that you have cancer?

    Chapter three - Learning about cancer

    Chapter four - Choosing quality health care

    Chapter five -Treatment options

    Chapter six - Complementary therapies - Diet and exercise

    Chapter seven - Who can help me? 

    Chapter eight - Practical issues 

    Chapter nine - Getting on with your life after cancer

    Chapter ten - Palliative care - When cancer won't go away 

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