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    Talk or listen to someone who has had cancer

    Cancer Connect (telephone support)

    Cancer Council’s free, confidential Cancer Connect service provides an opportunity for you to talk with someone who has ‘walked in your shoes’ and really understands what it’s like to deal with cancer.

    Cancer Connect links you by phone to a trained volunteer with a similar cancer experience, who can listen to your concerns and provide support. Carers can also talk to other carers about the changes and challenges they are facing.

    Telephone support groups

    Telephone support groups offer support and information to adults affected by cancer including patients, their families and carers.

    Cancer Council SA has run groups for more than a decade connecting hundreds of people.

    Why join?

    Wherever you are in Australia you can:

    • Talk with people who are in a similar situation.
    • Share experiences and information.
    • Give and receive support.
    • Share practical tips, tools and strategies.

    How do groups work?

    • Each group has three to seven members and two trained facilitators.
    • Groups get together over the phone twice a month. Each session lasts an hour.
    • Participation is flexible; it's okay to skip sessions when you need to.
    • It's free and confidential.

    To access the support groups call 13 11 20.

    Cancer Council Online Community

    Cancer Council Online Community is a professionally facilitated online community that links people with cancer, their carers and families to a wide variety of online forums to gain support and information regarding the cancer experience.

    You can search the community by age range or cancer type.

    Visit the community here: www.cancercouncil.com.au/OC.

    Support groups (in person support)

    Cancer support groups allow people going through a similar experience of either having cancer or having a family member or friend with cancer to meet together. Although they may vary greatly, as a general rule they aim to provide information and emotional support.

    How can a support group help?

    A support group can help people deal with the disruption in their lives, access the information they need, increase their sense of control and reduce feelings of isolation.

    Support groups can help people view their journey, fears, emotions and questions as normal through the sharing of similar experiences. Common feedback is that people say they can relax, joke and just be themselves in a cancer support group.

    How are they organised and how do I choose the one right for me?

    Just as people’s needs and personalities vary support groups come in many different types and formats. Some groups are facilitated by a person who has had a cancer diagnosis, some by a carer and some by a health professional within either a community centre or cancer care centre. They may take the form of a formal group that meets at a regular time, an informal group meeting for coffee and a chat, a telephone link-up group or an internet based support group.

    As it is important to choose your group well, it may take time to find a group that meets your specific needs.

    To find a support group click here

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