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All early childhood centres who are currently implementing a comprehensive sun protection policy are invited to apply for membership with the SunSmart Early Childhood Program. Membership is free and is held for three years, before a review is due.

To view Cancer Council’s minimum SunSmart criteria, click here.

A SunSmart Early Childhood Centre is not only representing SunSmart in its daily activities, but also Cancer Council SA as a role model to other centres throughout our state.

Centres participating in the SunSmart Early Childhood Program must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Be actively implementing their sun protection policy as documented.
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that all staff, children and families are aware of the sun protection policy and its requirements.
  •  Inform Cancer Council SA of any changes to the centre’s policy and practices and anything else that may relate to or affect its membership in the SunSmart Early Childhood Program.
  • Complete a policy review every three years in order to renew membership.

View the SunSmart guidelines

This webpage was last reviewed and updated in March 2022.