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    Who can support me?

    No matter what point you are at in your quitting, having support can assist you in successfully giving up smoking.

    You can get support from:

    Quitline 13 7848

    Support from Quitline can double your chances of quitting. 

    Quitline 13 7848:

    • Is a confidential and professional smoking cessation service
    • Has highly skilled, experienced, friendly and non-judgemental counsellors
    • Can provide ongoing support through the callback program
    • Understand that it can take many attempts to successfully quit
    • Will assist you to work out the best strategy for you in quitting smoking
    • Can provide information and explanation on smoking cessation products
    • Has an interpreter service available on request.


    To register for a callback from Quitline click here

    How can an Aboriginal Quitline counsellor support you?


    Our Aboriginal counsellors are passionate about assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make positive changes in their lives and are available to support you by:

    • Listening to your story
    • Having a yarn about your smoking
    • Keeping everything that’s yarned about private and confidential
    • Work with you on a plan to cut down or quit
    • Following up and supporting your journey – we call you and it’s free
    • Free resources
    • Link you with local support if you want it.

    See the advert for Aboriginal Quitline.

    Support from you GP or Pharmacist

    Talk with your GP or your Pharmacist if you are thinking about quitting smoking. They can help you access quitting medication or nicotine replacement therapy. If you are taking medications, it can also be important to speak to your GP or pharmacist about the interaction of nicotine and your medications. 


    Research has shown that using either quitting medication or an NRT product, together with Quitline, is the most effective way to quit.

    Your GP or Pharmacist can refer you to Quitline for counselling support and, with your permission, Quitline can communicate with your GP or Pharmacist regarding your progress. 


    Quitline webchat 

    Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or perhaps talking over the phone may not be for you – that’s ok. You can chat to a Quitline counsellor online.

    Just as you would over the phone counsellors will have a confidential conversation with you and can support you in your quitting.

    To chat, click on ‘Chat now to Quitline’ button on the lower right side of every page.

    If you see the "Offline - please leave a message" button, leave a message and one of our counsellors will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Quitting resources




    E-Cigarette Brochure



    Other ways to access Quitline