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    Success stories

    • "Today is day one. I've got the patches 21mg which were $5.20 which is pretty good for those of us on health care cards battling to live and needing all the help we can get. Smoking is taking too much money as well as the declining energy and fitness. I'm using the minis 4mg as well. I've cut smokes to 10-15 per day so both these are may be a bit strong. I'll cut them in halves if need be. Should be a bit cheaper too. So. Day one and all fine. A day at a time. I haven't always smoked I did quit for 13 years at one time and back on now for 10 years. Looking forward to next 10 years smoke free!"

      College Park
    • ""I had been a smoker for 48 years. New years eve 2014 I decided enough is enough I am going to quit. I had tried a number of times previously but I realised that all I was doing was hoping and wishing I was a non smoker even using prescribed drugs and patches. To give up I thought it's going to be cold turkey with the help of Quitline. They were and are brilliant. It's now 368 days since I touched a cigarette and honestly if I can go from forty a day to zero, anyone can. Thankyou Quitline.""

      Crafers West
    • "I have smoked for 32 years. After numerous deliberations, I quit on the first of August and I haven't smoked since. I chose a Monday morning to stop, it was a fresh start to the working week as I don't smoke at work. I kept 1 cigarette in the boot of my car as a security buffer. I downloaded images from the internet of cancer ridden lungs, heart, feet teeth etc and placed them on my computer laptop. These images made me feel sick.... but they helped. Finally, I purchased the Nicorette Quickmist which took the edge off the cravings. I now feel proud that I no longer smoke."

      Ingle Farm
    • "When i was finally sentenced and was moved to a different unit i decided I just had to quit and be Quit! With so many failed attempts i knew i had to keep working out and being healthy. I was 6 weeks quit when Quitline and Cancer Council came to talk to us about quitting they also did the Carbon Monoxide readers test this is to test the levels of Carbon Monoxide in our lungs. The reading indicated that I am a non smoker, my lungs are repairing and that i am doing great. I think this just goes to show if you put your mind to it you can do anything."

    • "“Counselling is a smart way of quitting, for me personally without Quitline’s help I wouldn’t have got off the cigarettes. I tried for 10 years to quit on my own and all of the help and support that I have had from Quitline has made it possible for me to quit. I have been quit now for over 12 months. Never throw it in, always keep trying. Thanks so much to Quitline.”"

    • "I have been quit for two years now. A special thank you to the Quitline team it is the main reason i have succeeded. I also keep my Certificate on my fridge and encourage friends who smoke to give Quitline a go."

    • "I would like to thank the Quitline team for their continuous ongoing support it has just been fantastic and has helped me to stay quit over the past few months. Thanks a lot team you really do a great job."

    • "Having such a chaotic life made me think that I would never be able to quit and get myself out of the rut I was in. "I can happily say I have been quit for 1 year now." Most people I hang around smoke, but I am trying to help them quit so that i can prove to them its such a better life."

    • "As I sit here thinking back over my life, I cannot think of any one reason that started me smoking. I can think of plenty of cliches - peer pressure, showing off, anger, etc, etc, but having thought deeply about the many offshoot reasons, there is only one : bad choice! I am responsible for making a really bad choice to start smoking."



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