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    Bowel cancer treatment

    Dr Amanda Townsend

    Impact of the activated EGFR-AKT-mTOR signalling pathway on prognosis and tumour resistance to anti-angiogenic targeted therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer

    Our research

    Advanced colorectal cancer can be treated by a number of different chemotherapies and by a targeted treatment (bevacizumab) that reduces the development of blood supply to the cancer.  Specific abnormalities (KRAS mutations) in cancer have been shown to predict a lack of benefit from other types of targeted treatment (EGFR-antagonist).  This research shows that cancers with these abnormalities (KRAS mutations) will still receive the same benefit from bevacizumab treatment as other cancers.  Other measures of blood vessel formation in the cancer did not predict for outcome from bevacizumab treatment.

    What motivates me

    To improve cancer treatment, reduce the side effects of therapy, improve the benefit and allow patients to live a better quality of life.

    My message to supporters

    This research has helped add to our knowledge about how to select patients for targeted treatment for cancer. By identifying patients who will not benefit from certain treatments, we can prevent them from receiving futile therapy that may result in side effects.  This funding has also allowed the development of interstate and international collaboration to continue working on similar projects to improve our understanding of how to treat cancer.


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