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    South Australian Cancer Research Biobank

    Professor (Luen Bik) To

    Our research

    At the SA Cancer Research Biobank, we collect samples of tumour tissue which we supply to SA researchers for medical research to improve patient outcome. This funding has enabled us to establish the collection, consent and processing system and to offer our systematic collection of tumour tissues across South Australia.


    What we aim to achieve

    We aim to heighten the community’s understanding and support of biomedical research; to provide a valuable source of representative and clinically annotated tumour samples to SA researchers so that their success will contribute to attracting more investment and excellent people to SA, besides improving health outcomes.


    What are the next steps and milestones for your research?

    To achieve sustainable funding for this important imitative, to extend the range of tumours banked and to increase the competitiveness and output of biomedical researchers in SA. 


    What motivates you to pursue cancer research?

    The prospect of improving health outcomes through research and of attracting investment and excellent people to SA


    My message to supporters:

    This is a vital piece of infrastructure that benefits cancer researchers right across SA. 

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