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    Targeting suitable patients for clinical trials

    Associate Professor Dusan Kotasek
    • Donor Funding: $67,500
    • Cancer Type: All Cancers
    • Funded in: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
    • Associate Professor Dusan Kotasek
      Ashford Cancer Centre

    Data management support - Adelaide Cancer Centre

    Our research

    Participating in clinical trials allows access for patients to treatments that are either unaffordable or not available in the healthcare setting. The majority of clinical trials of cancer treatments are funded by pharmaceutical companies and a smaller number are performed by collaborative groups, such as the Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group (AGITG), ANZ Breast Cancer Trial Group and the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). Adelaide Cancer Centre is one of only a small number of centres that perform a wide range of clinical trials in cancer treatments. Adelaide Cancer Centre began clinical trials work in 1997 and the number of trials in both oncology and haematology has steadily risen to approximately 14 new trials each year. 

    In recent years, clinical trials have become more involved with specific treatments that target specific cells or genes rather than a "blanket" approach which often causes side effects that then require extra treatment. Adelaide Cancer Centre manages the Cancer Registry, that is, a database of cancer patients. The Cancer Registry allows us to identify patients with specific cancer types to be able to offer them the opportunity to consider new, targeted treatments through participating in clinical trials.

    What we aim to achieve

    Adelaide Cancer Centre is committed to providing a wide range of clinical trials which can be offered to patients. Adelaide Cancer Centre takes part in local dissemination of trial availability to other specialist healthcare groups to enable the widest possible range of patients being exposed to the benefits of clinical research and new therapies.

    Our next steps and milestones

    The maintenance of the Cancer Registry is an ongoing process. The funding will be used to continue to maintain and increase the entry of information onto the registry.

    What motivates me

    Our team is motivated by our commitment to providing the best care and the most suitable treatment for our patients. We aim to maintain a high profile and a good reputation within the clinical trial industry so that we are able to attract sponsor companies to open clinical trials at our site. Importantly, this means that more patients are likely to benefit from access to new therapies.

    My message to supporters

    The funding we receive from Cancer Council SA donors allows us to manage the Cancer Registry. Without the funding, the identification of patients suitable for clinical trials of new treatments would be less effective and the possibility of patients slipping through the net and missing opportunities for treatment increases. 


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