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    Research home > Beat Cancer Project > A drug to selectively target cancer cells

    A drug to selectively target cancer cells

    Professor Shudong Wang

    Our research

    The enzyme Mnk is essential for tumour formation and spread, but it is not required for healthy cell development. Inhibition of Mnk activity therefore presents an excellent strategy for effective and nontoxic cancer therapy. We have identified potent and selective Mnk inhibitors which will be developed as the first-in-class Mnk targeted anti-cancer agents.

    What we aim to achieve

    Our mission is to increase our understanding of cancer and develop a safe and effective new treatment for patients.

    Our next steps and milestones

    Our next steps are to optimise the selectivity and anti-cancer efficacy in order to develop a drug candidate for clinical application.

    What motivates you to pursue cancer research?

    Our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of tumour development has grown rapidly in recent years, but translation of these insights into interventions that effectively treat cancer has been slow. My research goal is to accelerate the translation of discovery towards treatment.

    My message to supporters

    Cancer drug discovery is a challenging task. In addition to in-depth scientific knowledge, it requires consistent financial support. I am very grateful to the generous supporters who provided me with this Principle Cancer Research Fellowship and allow me to work towards defeating cancer.

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