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    Research home > Beat Cancer Project > A new drug to destroy cancer cells

    A new drug to destroy cancer cells

    Professor Shudong Wang

    Our research

    We have identified MKI-18, a highly active inhibitor of mitotic kinases which are frequently activated in cancers. MKI-18 has been shown to be effective against leukaemia and solid tumours without causing the damage to normal cells that is usually seen with chemotherapeutic drugs. 

    What we aim to achieve

    We will develop MKI-18 as a new, effective and non-toxic treatment for cancer patients.

    Our next steps and milestones

    MKI-18 can effectively kill a range of cancer cells, including cancers of the ovaries, pancreas, colon, as well as leukaemia. We aim to rapidly advance MKI-18 towards clinical trials.

    What motivates you to pursue cancer research?

    My goal is to save the lives of millions of cancer patients. I get great satisfaction from knowing that I am contributing to that goal through my drug research.

    My message to supporters

    The main barrier to developing a drug program is funding, with the multimillion-dollar price tag stopping promising drug candidates from reaching their clinical potential. Your continuous support will enable able us to rapidly advance MKI-18 for cancer treatment.


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