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    Research home > Beat Cancer Project > CCB ACRF Cancer Discovery Accelerator

    CCB ACRF Cancer Discovery Accelerator

    Professor Greg Goodall
    • Donor Funding: $250,000
    • Cancer Type: All Cancers
    • Cancer Stage: All Stages
    • Funded in: 2015
    • Professor Greg Goodall
      SA Pathology

    Advanced technologies for accelerating cancer research

    Our research

    Breakthrough research at the Centre for Cancer Biology using genomics, animal models and cell models is fuelling discovery of genes, proteins and regulatory RNAs that are promoters or suppressors of cancer.  The ACRF Cancer Discovery Accelerator will provide access to new methodologies currently unavailable in SA for elaborating molecular mechanisms and discovering targetable options in cancer-relevant in vitro and pre-clinical models. The Beat Cancer Project is contributing to bringing the latest advance in super-resolution microscopy to this Facility, to allow visualization of structures within cancer cells at nanoscale resolution, showing previously unachievable spatial distribution and colocalisation.


    What we aim to achieve

    We aim to convert discoveries of molecular mechanisms that promote cancer into actionable targets for drugs. Providing new technologies within a single integrated facility will enhance technology uptake and ensure optimal application of these methodologies for the ultimate benefit of the end users – our cancer patients.


    What are the next steps and milestones for your research?

    Our next steps are to install and commission the Super-Resolution Microscope, employ staff to operate the microscope, and use it to drive our research on breast cancer metastasis and the childhood cancer, neuroblastoma.


    What motivates you to pursue cancer research?

    I became a scientist because I am driven to know how things work. I investigate cancer because I am convinced that with sufficient understanding of each cancer, we can provide a precisely targeted combination of therapeutics that will destroy that particular cancer, thereby providing health to patients with that cancer not only in our own time, but to all future generations. What could be more satisfying than that?


    My message to supporters:

    Cutting edge research using the latest genetic technologies cannot be done without the support of bioinformatics specialists. This funding from Cancer Council SA donors helps provide that essential specialist knowledge that allows us to fully understand and exploit the data we generate, leading to new discoveries and opportunities for finding ways to block each of the many different subtypes of cancer.


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