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    Research home > Beat Cancer Project > Clinical trials: Providing access to potential life saving treatments

    Clinical trials: Providing access to potential life saving treatments

    Professor Chris Karapetis

    Data manager for clinical trials

    Our research

    We offer patients an opportunity to participate in clinical trials. These trials evaluate the latest advances in cancer treatment, offering patients access to new therapies. It is hoped that such new therapy will improve survival and enhance quality of life. Clinical trials also test new ways of delivering treatments to patients as well as understanding how patients can return to normal activity following treatment.

    What we aim to achieve

    The funding provided by Cancer Council SA donors is put towards a data manager position. This funding helps in the mandatory training of the data manager and enables Flinders Medical Centre to participate in trials which in turn provide greater treatment options for patients. This position also contributes to the successful conduct of investigator initiated trials. Every trial requires detailed and accurate collection of data. The data is analysed and results reported. Patients need to be informed about trials and patient consent must be obtained before trial participation. Clinical Trials also require close communication with, and approval from, ethics committees. This clinical research work is coordinated by the Clinical Trials Data Manager. 

    Our next steps and milestones

    With the help of the Cancer Council SA funding, we hope to continue to offer patients clinical trials to participate in, which may improve patient health outcomes in the present and in the future. At the Flinders Medical Centre we are able to offer patients the option of participating in a range of clinical trials, from the more common cancers such as breast, bowel and lung cancer to rarer cancer such as GIST and brain tumours. We are also evaluating the long terms effects of cancer and cancer treatment as we lead research into all aspects of cancer survivorship. 

    What motivates me

    I am motivated by the advances I have seen through oncology research over the past 10 years and the thought of what could occur in the next 10 years.

    My message to supporters

    This research is carried out first and foremost to benefit patients. Without the support of Cancer Council SA donors, patients would not be able to access potentially lifesaving clinical trials.  


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