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    Research home > Beat Cancer Project > Clinical trials: Shaping new and improved treatments

    Clinical trials: Shaping new and improved treatments

    Associate Professor Tim Price

    Clinical Trials Data Manager at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Research summary

    Our research team is exploring the effectiveness of a number of new drug treatments for most types of cancer. We undertake clinical trials (human trials) to investigate how to best use current treatments, as well as new approaches to using treatments with the aim of increasing survival rates and reducing side-effects for South Australian patients.

    What we aim to achieve

    Exploring new cancer treatments gives us the potential to improve survival and reduce side-effects of chemotherapy to the South Australian population.

    What are the next steps and milestones for your research?

    We will continue conducting ongoing broad based clinical trials that focus on increasing the evidence linking molecular biology and improved health outcomes for patients. 

    The translational research often comes next and is very difficult to fund but is often the most important component in terms of defining where therapies should be used. 

    What motivates you to pursue cancer research?

    Ultimately what motivates me is the potential for our research to have positive impact on patient outcomes. Access to new therapy for cancer patients is vital. We can impact patients’ quality of life and reduce the costs associated with cancer treatment by improving our use of biomarkers (biological indicators of disease) and improving cancer treatments. 

    My message to supporters

    By being involved in clinical research we can improve early access to new treatments for patients. Having access to clinical databases enables us to improve molecular research, to target the treatments of patients and to establish which cancer patients may respond best to each type of therapy.


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