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Trial Summary

The purpose of this study is to test new combinations of drugs for ovarian cancer that has come back after first-line treatment. The new combinations of treatment include olaparib given by itself, olaparib given with an antibody (durvalumab), or olaparib given with chemotherapy (cyclophosphamide) and then with an antibody (durvalumab). These new combinations may slow the progression of the cancer and delay the time until chemotherapy treatment is needed.



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Scientific title:

A Phase II randomised trial comparing immune priming by low dose oral cyclophosphamide plus olaparib versus priming by olaparib alone, prior to combination therapy with olaparib plus durvalumab, versus single agent olaparib alone, in asymptomatic platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancers with homologous recombination repair defects.

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Trial & Patient Characteristics

Cancer TypeGynaecological
Trial TypeTreatment
PhasePhase II
Age Range18 years and older
Tumour Stream ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancers
Cancer StageAll stages
Anticipated Start Date2018-07-15
Anticipated End Date2024-08-31

Participating Hospitals

HospitalFlinders Medical Centre
Clinical Trial CoordinatorHannah Adelson
Phone08 8206 4835
Principal InvestigatorDr Shawgi Sukumaran
Recruitment StatusRecruiting
HospitalRoyal Adelaide Hospital
Clinical Trial CoordinatorAnne Milton
Phone08 7074 2342
Principal InvestigatorDr Sid Selva
Recruitment StatusRecruiting