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Donor Funding: $125,000
Cancer Type: Blood cancers
Cancer Stage: All stages
Funded in: 2018, 2019

Professor Deborah White
The University of Adelaide

Both the University of Adelaide and SAHMRI have a critical need to expand bioinformatics services to health and biomedical researchers now based at the west-end precinct, and also to the North Terrace and Waite campuses of the University. Under a new joint initiative these two research entities have agreed upon a joint vision for this moving forward.

The first step in the development of this has been the recent appointment of Dr Jimmy Breen to the position of a shared role as head of the SAHMRI/University of Adelaide West-end Bioinformatics Core. This position will be supported by the appointment of a junior Bioinformatician supported by the University of Adelaide with a shared role in this bioinformatics core and University of Adelaide Agriculture research.

SAHMRI Cancer Theme will position their Leukaemia Bioinformatician within this core, as well as establish a new position for a Bioinformatician in the specialty area of Epigenetics and broader Cancer Genomics. This position will work closely with the SAHMRI Cancer Theme, within the SAHMRI David Gunn Genomics Facility and will provide services across the precinct in these areas.

We are seeking funding for this new Bioinformatician position for a period of 3 years to add value to the research community of South  Australia.