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Donor Funding: $100,000
Cancer Type: Bowel & colon
Cancer Stage: Diagnosis and treatment
Funded in: 2019, 2020

Professor Guy Maddern
University of Adelaide

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second biggest cancer killer in Australia and the third biggest in the world. Majority of these patients who succumb to CRC do so because the cancer spreads (metastasise) to the liver. Currently, metastatic CRC has a survival rate of less than 30% with surgical removal of the tumour being the only available treatment. Critically, there is a 70% chance of relapse within 5 years post-treatment. Thus, there is an urgent need for biomarkers that will identify patients who are at risk of relapsing.

This application will provide the infrastructure to generate a liver tissue-biobank containing tissue with matching clinical correlates derived from metastatic CRC patients operated at the RAH and TQEH. This valuable resource will allow us to validate the capacity of novel tissue biomarkers previously discovered by our group to identify patients likely to relapse shortly after surgical removal of metastatic CRC.