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Donor Funding: $750,000
Cancer Type: Bowel & colon
Cancer Stage: All stages
Funded in: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Professor Guy Maddern
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

This initiative sets out to bring together a group of experienced and practising clinicians together with an experienced translational researcher all working within the Central Adelaide Health region including the Royal Adelaide and The Queen Elizabeth Hospitals to direct research scientists working within the scope of colorectal primary and metastatic disease.

It would be hoped that the two research fellows who will be appointed will have experience both in understanding the primary colorectal malignant process as well as an understanding of the implications and research developments in managing metastatic disease. It is only by having a grasp of both ends of the cancer progression that likely improvements in care and outcomes are to be achieved.

Focussing purely on the management of primary disease leaves a large number of patients without constructive input but, similarly, to ignore primary disease management is to fail to prevent the disease at an early stage. This group will be the first in South Australia to focus exclusively on colorectal cancer and its clinical and biological characteristics.

As the second largest cause of malignant death in the Australian community, it is an important area of research which has been poorly focused on in South Australia to date.