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  • Best friends ‘Virtual’ Biggest Morning Tea

    11 May 2020

    For best friends Melanie Jones and Kym Webster, hosting an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is a yearly tradition. 

    The friends, who met when their children were babies, have hosted an event every year for the past six years. Determined not to let the current Coronavirus restrictions get in their way, the friends have decided to move their 2020 online and host a virtual Biggest Morning Tea.  

    “Hosting a Biggest Morning Tea is something that we love to do together,” said Mel. 

    “At our first event we had around 40 people and since then it’s grown in leaps and bounds. Last year, we had over 80 guests which was pretty incredible.” 

    For the passionate duo, supporting Cancer Council SA has a very special place in their hearts. 

    “I’ve had a number of family members impacted by cancer and we’ve both seen the disease devastate the lives of those we love,” said Kym. 

    “During our time hosting Biggest Morning Teas the cause became even more personal to me when a really close friend passed away from breast cancer. We were of a similar age and she left behind a family of four beautiful girls, the youngest of which was only two.” 

    “Seeing how cancer impacted their family and caused such heartache motivated me even further. Everyone knows someone impacted by cancer, and if I can do my bit towards raising funds to eradicate the disease, then I’m all for it!” she said. 

    Melanie has a similar passion to make a difference, motivated by her own family’s story. 

    “We have a really strong genetic history of breast and cervical cancer and are part of the familial cancer group. I have been diagnosed with HPV which increases my risk of developing cervical cancer and have also had benign breast lumps removed.” 

    “When I found a lump in my breast, Kym was an amazing support throughout the whole process—she was actually the first person I called. She supported me through my experience and now together, we’re passionate about supporting others,” said Mel.

    It was a combination of stubbornness and determination which motivated the duo to continue their morning tea tradition in 2020. 

    “At first we thought that it might be all too hard, but then I thought about all the people who are going through cancer and need our support, especially now, and I knew that we couldn’t give it a miss. I’ve been privileged to have a tour of the Lodges and see some of the work that Cancer Council SA does and I know how important the money is and the difference it will make,” said Mel. 

    Normally, the women will host an event at a local hotel, with morning tea, raffle prizes and a dress up theme. This year, instead of hosting an event, they are bringing morning tea to their guests in their own home.  

    “We’ve capped our event registrations at 50 people this year,” explains Kym.

    “Each person who registers pays a $20 fee and in return, will receive a treat box filled with handmade goodies and pamper products that they can use at home during this time of social distancing. The day before our Biggest Morning Tea we will hand deliver the boxes to our guests and then log onto Zoom to share our treats over morning tea.” 

    The treat boxes will be filled with handmade treats form Mel and pamper products provided by Kym, with the friends travelling from Noarlunga to Murray Bridge to make their special deliveries. 

    “With so much going on, and so much uncertainty it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. For us, hosting a virtual event is chance for us get people together, connect, share stories and forget about our troubles for a little while. The fact that we’re also raising money for a really special cause is the icing on the cake!,” said Mel. 

    This May, Cancer Council SA is encouraging supporters like Mel and Kym to put the kettle on and reconnect by hosting a virtual morning tea via video chat, from the comfort of their own home.

    “Community support during this time is more important than ever before for those impacted by cancer,” said Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Lincoln Size.  

    “Every cuppa poured, and every dollar raised enables us to continue investing in lifesaving cancer research, prevention, advocacy and support programs—programs such as Cancer Council 13 11 20 and the Cancer Council Lodges on Greenhill Road and Dequetteville Terrace.” 

    “We are incredibly grateful to South Australians like Mel and Kym who are continuing their morning tea tradition and raising vital funds to enable us to continue to work towards a cancer free future.” 

    Melanie and Kym will be hosting their Biggest Morning Tea on Friday 17 May. To support their event and make a donation visit: 

    For more information or to register to host your own virtual event visit biggestmorningtea.com.au. 

    The official day to host a Morning Tea is Thursday 28 May however you can register to host 

    an event any time throughout May or June. Every host who registers Hosts will receive a free digital host kit with everything they need to make their virtual morning tea a success.

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